Need a virtual online ergonomic workstation assessment? We can help! Listen as Caitlin Spears, OTR, CHT, reviews principles of office ergonomics and demonstrates how to set up a workstation.

Listen to our physical therapist, J.R. Moody, DPT, and his post-operative rotator cuff surgery patient, discuss what it is like to complete eight weeks of face-to-face physical therapy entirely through telehealth online video conferencing.

Visit the beautiful landscape created by a local master gardener! Learn more about proper body mechanics and back pain prevention as Melissa Church, M.S.P.T and Quivira Clinic Director, shares safe gardening techniques.

Wondering how telehealth physical therapy works? How easy is it? Listen as Melissa Church, M.S.P.T and Quivira Clinic Director, interviews a patient about what it was like to participate in face-to-face telehealth physical therapy sessions through the computer.

What is it like to complete physical therapy using telehealth video conferencing? Listen to this information discussion with Michael Weiman, DPT, OCS and JR Moody, DPT, CSMT as they discuss the benefits of telehealth video conferencing. They also discuss our hybrid treatment, whereby patients complete a combination of face-to-face telehealth and in-clinic treatments. Blue Valley Physical Therapy is proud to offer telehealth video conferencing services to patients in Kansas, Missouri, Florida and Colorado.

Do you know if your home office is set up correctly? Listen as Michelle Anthony, MPT, and Julie Rickman, Head PT Technician, discuss proper posture and pain prevention. They review foot and back supports, as well as easy modifications to improve sitting posture. Julie also discusses her experience with physical therapy telehealth video conferencing to address spinal pain and plantar fasciitis.

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