The Inspirational Story of Robert “Butterbean” Love

The Inspirational Story of Robert “Butterbean” Love

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Robert Earl “Butternbean” Love played power forward for 11 seasons in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls. He was a force, a success and his ability to shoot with both hands enabled him to lead the team in scoring for 7 of those 11 years. In fact, before Michael Jordan entered the scene this 3 time NBA All-Star held all of the scoring records for the Bulls.

Unfortunately, Love had a severe stuttering problem. Stuttering is embarassing enough for someone not in the limelight, but it was tremendously humiliating for this star basketball player. He was unable to be interviewed by the media and companies shied away from having him endorse products. You can only imagine how this made him feel, how when was on the court he was king, and he stepped off the court he could barely hold a conversation.

Love’s basketball career ended abruptly due to a debilitating back injury, and he could no longer do the one thing that gave him confidence and respect. He had nowhere to go, he did not know what do and his life felpt empty. Love had difficult time finding work and over the next 7 years of trying and failing, Love blew through all of his money, his wife left him, and with them his last shred of self-esteem.

Love ended up a stuttering, alone, 6 foot 8 inch leegnd, who’s only job he could get was bussing tables and washing dishes at a Nordstrom cafe for $4.45/hour. Put yourself in that cafe and you can imagine the scene it must have been. A fall from grace like no other. He must have wanted to just keep his head down and wipe the tables to avoid the looks, stares and pitiful undertones that went with them.

Love was a hard worker though, and one day his hard work paid off and was apprecited by John Nordstrom, a third generation Nordstrom Cochairman. John singled handedly decided to change Love’s life. He convinced Love to try speech therapy, knowing that unless he got over his speech impediment, he would never get out of the rut that he was in. John event one step further and generously payed for the therapy.

Fortunately the therapy worked, and for the first time in his life, Love could speak without a stutter. Imagine how he must have felt, the sense of pride, confidence appreciation and hope.

With his newfound ability to communicate, Love worked his way up the Nordstrom ladder to become Manager of Diversity Affairs. His success there took him back to the Chicago Bulls who hired Love as their Director of Community Affairs where he still works today. Furthermore, Love is also impressing and inspiring audiences as a motivational speaker.

Who would haev thought that the one thing that held him back the most, speaking, would end up being his livelihood.

This inspirational story challenges our thoughts about what we think is possible in our lives. Many of us are held back by what we can’t do, or think we can’t do.

At BVPT, we believe that anything is possible. Don’t let injury, pain, disability or functional impairment get in the way of living your life to the fullest.

Let us be your John Nordstrom, put the rag down and let us change your life.

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